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Switching Layouts
When switching layouts via a script, it's a good idea to switch to find mode first. This will prevent the loading of any records on the new layout. This could be a serious speed issue in a remote connection scenario. If you are performing a find on the new layout then you're already in find mode (i.e. locating a specific record to change). If you need to add a record then perform a search on a field for something that will find no records so when you enter browse mode you have a found set of zero.

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FileMaker Developer Worthiness
Top 10 ways you know your developer is NOT worthy:
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FileMaker 20 Video Tutorials

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Seven for Seventeen
Level: Intermediate
Version: FileMaker 17
Category: General
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
There's a lot of FileMaker 17 content on YouTube. It's hard to tell which material is the best so you can optimize your learning. You could spend hours trying to find the right video to answer all your questions about FileMaker 17. I've gone through a lot of the videos on YouTube and here are my favorites. Hopefully this will save you a ton of time. Let me know in the comments area below if I've forgotten an incredible video.

Seven for Seventeen

FileMaker, Inc.
If you are completely unaware of the new features in FileMaker 17 and want a glitzy marketing message with cool graphics and a catchy toe-tapping song, watch this short one minute video. It's mostly just a slide show listing the new features but the screen shots do demonstrate the features in action. It's just hard to tell what part of the screen shot represents the new features sometimes. But, that's what a marketing video is supposed to do (get you excited) and FMI has done it well. It's a lot more fun than reading a specifications sheet and gets you a basic idea of the new features in sixty seconds.

Richard Carlton Consulting
Richard Carlton Consulting has a great overview of the most important new FileMaker 17 features. I'd probably start here to get familiar with the new features and then move on to some of the more detailed videos listed below. The video is wrapped around the "top ten things you need to know about FileMaker 17". There's not a lot of detail about how to actually use the features. Instead, there's a great discussion about how the new features will change "how" you develop in FileMaker. Not every new feature is covered but after watching the video, I felt like I really knew which features I wanted to find out more about.

The top ten features discussed are:
  1. File Format
  2. Server Client Compatibility
  3. FileMaker Pro and Advanced Merger
  4. Data Migration Tool
  5. Layout Mode Changes
  6. Master-Detail Layout
  7. FileMaker Data API
  8. FileMaker Go Type Ahead & Background Mode
  9. FileMaker Server Differences
  10. FileMaker Cloud
ISO FileMaker Magazine
Matt always does a great job with his videos and this overview is no exception. He has the same flashy post production modifications as Richard Carlton so they are about the same in the area of showmanship. But, I think Matt uses post production edits in a more meaningful way to draw your attention to actual features rather than just for eye candy. Just like Carlton, though, Petrowsky also focuses more on an overview than actual video of working in FileMaker and building solutions in FileMaker with the new features.

Matt's video is about twice as long as Carlton's and cover more features, twenty-two in all, but some of them are things like the change in the appearance of the application icon. All in all, it's at the same level of quality as the Carlton videos. I guess when you are deciding between Carlton and Petrowsky, it comes down to whose style you like best. Or, watch them both to reinforce concepts and pick up different tips.

The twenty-two features discussed at ISO FileMaker Magazine are:
  1. Application Icon
  2. Developer Tools
  3. Redesigned Launch Center
  4. New Hosts Dialog
  5. Rearranged File Menu
  6. Redesigned Layout Mode
  7. Copy Paste Custom Menus
  8. Info Box in Manage Dialog
  9. Layouts in Subgroup Selections
  10. Built-in Master-Detail
  11. Default Fields
  12. Mini Apps
  13. Multiple Email Attachments
  14. Perform Script by Name
  15. Show Dialog Input Variables
  16. Exports Create Folders
  17. Local Notification
  18. GetSensor
  19. Get(UUIDNumber)
  20. Get(ActiveRecordNumber)
  21. Data Migration Tool
  22. Revised FileMaker Server
  23. Data API
Database Pros
The Get(ActiveRecordNumber) function is one of my favorite new FileMaker 17 features. Not only do I define it's abilities, I offer several examples of how to implement it including showing a button on the active row and changing the text color on the active row. I take it a couple steps further by demonstrating how to make this feature work in a list view and then discussing how it's not possible to work in a standard portal, only Master-Detail Layout. I even provide the example file used in the video for download at my Database Pros web site.

The other features demonstrated at John Mark's YoutTube channel are:
  1. Beginner Features
  2. Preferences & Options
  3. Found Set Portals
  4. Default Fields
  5. Changed Script Steps
  6. Get(ActiveRecordNumber)
  7. Improved Layout Tools
  8. Data Migration Tool
  9. Pickers
  10. Multiple Email Attachments
  11. Perform Script by Name
Productive Computing
Productive Computing covers quite a few video on the new FileMaker 17 features so you should check all of them out. However, I was extremely impressed with his treatment of the Master-Detail Layout feature. Not only does he show how to use the new feature but also how you could accomplish it in FileMaker 16 or earlier. I think that really gives the best perspective on the new feature. In addition, Marc actually builds the feature right in front of your eyes, rather than just showing a finished solution. To me, that's the only way to learn!

The six FileMaker 17 features discussed in-depth by Marc Larochelle at Productive Computing's YouTube channel are:
  1. Data Migration Tool
  2. Master-Detail Layout
  3. Multiple Email Attachments
  4. Field, Objects and Inspector Tabs
  5. Add-On Tables
  6. Group Object Selection
Soliant Consulting
Soliant only has a few FileMaker 17 videos but I really liked Dawn Heady's discussion of the Default Fields feature. She does it in two parts, starting with the basics of how it works, how to turn it off and then delves into how to modify the field names and other options by breaking down the XML file. Her approach is very measured and leaves no stone untouched so you really feel like you can do it yourself.

The four features discussed at Soliant TV are:
  1. Master-Detail Layout (2 Videos)
  2. Default Fields (2 Videos)
  3. Data Migration Tool
  4. Add-on Tables
Mainspring, Inc.
If you haven't heard yet, the FileMaker 17 Admin Console is significantly different from previous versions. Mike Bergie takes you through every tab and highlights the differences. His cool and calm demeanor makes you feel at ease watching this video, backing up his solid knowledge of the product. If you administer FileMaker Server then this is a must-see video!

Mainspring is new to the YouTube community with only four videos (two of which are covering FileMaker 17) but I think they are going to make a big impact given the quality so far:
  1. FileMaker Server Admin Console
  2. FileMaker 17 Portal Features

Final Thoughts
There's a lot of good information about FileMaker on YouTube but you often have to wade through a lot mediocre offerings before you find that gem. Hopefully my list has made it easier to find what you are looking for. If I've forgotten some fantastic video, please mention it in the comments. However, don't include a URL or my system will automatically delete it. Just tell me who produces the videos and include the name. I'll be able to find it! Thanks.

FYI: Please don't include a URL in the comments or my site will automatically delete your comment. Sad but a sign of the times with so many robots posting stuff on my web site (I despise human tests). Just specify where I can find it on YouTube using a search!

John Mark Osborne

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Dom Capobianco 08/25/2018

Great breakdown and nice job as always. Thanks for trimming the fat. ( lol )

Response by:   John Mark Osborne 08/28/2018
You are most welcome. Thanks for commenting. It's the only way I know if I'm heading the right direction. BTW, sorry for the long response time but I was on a nice long vacation :)

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