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Everything Changes
Everything Changes

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Scripted Change Log

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FileMaker Pro indexes every word in a text field so that finds can be performed quickly. Think of the analogy of a book. Rather than trying to locate something by thumbing through each page, you look in the index and find all the pages numbers at once. FileMaker works in the same way. In order to make finds as fast as possible, the first 100 characters of every word is indexed. If you click into a field and type Command-I (Macintosh) or Ctrl-I (Windows), you can view the index of a field. Most characters are indexed but you may be surprised what characters designate a new word other than a space. The index does take up space, so if a field is not going to be searched on or used as a match field in a relationship, set the Storage Options in Manage Database to never index that field.

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Claris Commercial
Few people know that Claris produced a commercial and it aired on national television. It was one of those favor things so it only played once. I'm not saying it's anywhere close to the impact of the Apple Super Bowl commercial but it's fun to have a look. Download the Claris commercial

Fireside FileMaker Podcast

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Everything Changes
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Version: FileMaker 19
Category: General
Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Michael Rocharde and I started the Fireside FileMaker podcast way back in 2019. We've recorded 45 episodes along with our good friend Marc Larochelle. But, all things come to an end... at some point. I'm proud of the work I've done on the Podcast so I want to share some of my favorite episodes. There will also be a listing of all the Podcasts in case you are just discovering the show. Thanks for your support and Happy FileMaking!

Everything Changes

If you haven't every listened to an episode of Fireside FileMaker, I think the best way to start off our Podcast is by listening to our fifteen minute intro. It'll give you an idea about how we think about FileMaker and what to expect in our shows.

Everything Changes

The Calculation Dependency Tree
I've known Darren Terry since my days in Claris Technical Support. I've always admired him for his vast FileMaker knowledge and enthusiasm to share. He's also very humble so he doesn't make any claims to his expertise... but, I will! In this Podcast, we asked Darren to discuss the calculation dependency tree. In other words, what makes the different types of calculation types decide to update? It's a complicated subject matter, given the number of places a calculation function can reside, but Darren covers the subject matter with the deft of a virtuoso. He even gets into tangent discussions which I found incredibly interesting.

Everything Changes

Alexei Folger
I guess we didn't have a better title than to just list Alexei's name but trust me, she knows her FileMaker stuff! I also met Alexei in technical support when she was hired to support the new version of FileMaker for Windows. She went on to support enterprise Claris clients in her capacity as a Systems Engineer and now works as an independent FileMaker developer. Her knowledge of the recovery process in FileMaker including how files become corrupt, how they can be fixed and how to minimize corruption are second to none.

Everything Changes

A Knight in Shining Armor
David Knight, aka Speedy, is one of those rare individuals who succeeds without trampling on others. I would trust him wholeheartedly with my FileMaker project and you should too. One of the reasons you can trust me on this is because I've known Dave for over twenty years. I met him at a Developer Conference and have enjoyed exchanging ideas with him at every DevCon I attended. We talk about all kinds of things in this Podcast but the subject that stands out for me is how he treats his employees. I can't do it justice here so you'll just have to listen.

Everything Changes

Punishing Performance
Wim Decorte is one of the smartest developers in the FileMaker market. Is there anything he doesn't know? While he specializes in FileMaker Server, he can enter any FileMaker conversation and keep up his end and likely, and kindly, get your respect. That's why I hand selected him to teach courses on FileMaker Server. If you haven't listened to Wim Decorte, you really are missing out.

Everything Changes

Going Vertical
If you've listened to any of the Fireside FileMaker episodes, you've probably heard Marc Larochelle. I don't have an exact count of the episodes he participated in but it's easily half of them. Why, you ask? Marc knows so much about the FileMaker market, having started his own development firm, recorded seemingly endless videos discussing FileMaker and is in the running for having attended the most DevCons ever. What I picked out for this blog article is an episode where we interviewed him for his experience in creating and marketing vertical market FileMaker solutions.

Everything Changes

A Conversation with Claris
When's the last time you heard of a product manager staying with a company for two decades? It rarely happens but Rick Kalman believes in FileMaker and this Podcast will demonstrate just how committed to the platform he is. Along with his trusted colleague, Robert Holsey, Rick's team pushes FileMaker to the limit not just by working overtime but by thinking about the best way to achieve a desired end. These two gentleman don't hold anything back and give us great insight into the future of FileMaker.

Everything Changes

Part 1:

Part 2:

Complete Listing
For a complete listing of all 45 episodes, simply visit the archive page for Fireside FileMaker.

Other FileMaker Podcasts
The most active PodCast (other than ours) is The Context Podcast. Our two PodCasts couldn't be more different but they provide solid information to which you can be sure will help you in your FileMaker career. The only other active PodCast is FileMaker Talk Podcast by Matt Petrowsky and Matt Navarre. They haven't released anything for a year so I hope they are just taking a hiatus.

Feel Free
In an effort to educate as much of the FileMaker community as possible, feel free to publish these Podcasts anywhere you'd like. Just drop me, John Mark Osborne, a note so I can check it out. Thanks.

John Mark Osborne

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Shawn Krueger 03/16/2022
  I just had one of those "I haven't heard and episode of that podcast in a while" and went looking, and found this article. Sorry to hear that it is over. One thing you didn't mention is… WHY? I've seen a lot of podcasts come and go (both FM related and other), so I'm always curious why they stop. Sometimes they say with a brief "goodbye" episode, but sometimes they just stop, and we the listeners are left to wonder.

Anyway, thank you, Michael, and Marc for all of the content that you did provide. Your ability to get big name (in the FM community, anyway) guests was impressive, and the banter between the hosts about different philosophies was always great to hear. Even if I do things a different way, I love hearing alternatives and why people prefer that way. It gets the gears turning.

Hope you are well. Thanks again!

Response by:   John Mark Osborne 08/24/2022
Glad you enjoyed our PodCast. Thanks for taking the time to thank us!

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