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The Front Door

Modular Scripting
Modular Scripting

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FileMaker Videos

Compare and Contrast
Compare and Contrast

FileMaker by Beginner
FileMaker by Beginner

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Context Sensitive Menus
Control-Click on the Macintosh or a right mouse click on Windows will bring up a context-sensitive menu. This feature is most useful while in layout mode. For example, when a field is defined as a button, double-clicking on it will not bring up the Specify Field dialog. To get to this dialog easily, just use a control-click or a right mouse click.

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FileMaker Developer Worthiness
Top 10 ways you know your developer is not worthy:
  1. Spells "FileMaker" with a lowercase "m"
  2. Uses inches or centimeters instead of points in Inspector
  3. Recommend WebDirect deployment over FileMaker Pro
  4. Creates a solution with one file for every table
  5. Doesn't know Claris and FileMaker, Inc. are the same company
  6. Isn't certified for latest version of FileMaker
  7. Isn't an FBA member
  8. Charges less than $100.00 per hour
  9. Uses a rainbow of colors on his interface
  10. Provides a quote without a requirements document

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